Job coaching

Our Goal

Professionalism with the utmost confidentiality.

We work for you despreocupes of these sensitive tasks.

Labour Advisory

We offer a competent team that incorporates the regulations that are constantly appearing, with a highly professional treatment of this sensitive area of ​​the company.

Top Procedures

  • Presentation of documents necessary to register the company in the Social Security.
  • Processing and Guestbook legalization of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
  • Confection, processing and contract renewals and extensions.
  • High / low and variation data of workers in the Social Security.
  • Preparation of salary slips.
  • Processing of low and high sickness or accident.
  • Preparation work schedule (workday, breaks and holidays).
  • Making calculations and balances and settlements.
  • Preparation of bulletins contribution to Social Security.
  • Report or writing personal fouls and penalties.