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Real Estate

Arises from the concern of our own clients, employers and workers who came for advice on real estate transactions themselves.

We are not a real estate, We are a professional office of Social Graduates, concerned with the management of leasehold. We look after the interests of both parties, agreeing and enforcing the obligations under the contract. Our philosophy adheres strictly to the code of conduct, listen and understand the specific situations of the people and give them legal form. Our added value is that we take the time necessary in the making of a contract ensuring the connection owner - consultant - tenant.

In these times conciliatory figure in relations between individuals is necessary, and it is for this reason that our team plays with good sense and sanity due. Empathize with our customers and offer solutions to the specific situations of the owner who has the need to rent her apartment at a certain price and the tenant that sometime can not meet income. The judicial process is the last road we took to deliver the solution to the case, trying to find the least harmful amicable settlement to the parties.

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How It Works?

If you are a tenant you need only fill in the search form of property desired, monthly rent, zone, rooms and you will receive information on available properties with similar characteristics.
If you are owner, management approval, will review all related documentation, Photos of the property will make, and both will advertise real estate portals hired as prospective tenants that we have in our database.

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What we offer?

  • Collection from receipts and any claims.
  • Security deposit and recovery at the end of the contract.
  • We will attend breakdowns and property owner permission to send you accredited professionals.
  • We will process the customer's choice of holiday warranty, and judicial protection in the event of default.
  • We will review the coverages and premiums home insurance mandatory.
  • We write the contract with all legal guarantees that for early withdrawal have available the sufficient time to ensure the percebimiento of rental income.
  • As legal advice check reliably documentation that tenant is perfectly legal and there is no distortion.

We work to ensure both landlord and tenant a safe recruitment, peaceful and conciliatory in the event of any contingency.