Graphic design

All graphics applications, the image of the form, that demand project, reflect its spirit and objectives is why in our study we try to cover any field where the response form or image is necessary, so our activity takes place in various lines of work:

In our design studio developed the following areas of specialization.

> – Packaging or packaging design.
> – Editorial design.
> – Poster design.
> – Corporate identity design.
> – Branding.
> – Application design corporate identity.
> – Web Design.

En el capo del diseño gráfico las áreas de aplicación son numerosas y transversales, sometimes many of them overlap and it is difficult to know where one ends and another begins, must have a large multidisciplinary team very prepared in different areas.
Conceive of graphic design from a global perspective, all can be designed and good design can and should be applied to almost any item using a controlled and thoughtful study and analysis, not everything is and imaging applications that are in the hands of professionals make a difference and stand out clearly above the rest.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the representation or conceptual image that a viewer has an organization or company, corporate image is a part of the corporate identity that refers to the visual aspects of the corporate identity representación.La not just the company logo, Corporate identity is the image, feelings, emotions, philosophy and values ​​transmitted outside the company and by extension, represent the entire set of elements that we as viewers perceive it.
In our study design through the following services below will enumerate, we help to create and disseminate the most attractive way possible image of your company or organization your personal brand as a key part of the corporate identity of the same:

> – Logo Design.
> – Corporate stationery design.
> – Design corporate email and newsletter sending system or newsletters.
> – Disclosure of corporate information on CD.
> – Corporate Identity Manual.